1000 square foot commercial garage space for month-to-month or yearly lease Owned by HotelSushi LLC 341 1st Street, Unit D6 Mead, CO 80542 The monthly lease is $1200 / month for a 1 year lease or $1250 / month for a month-to-month lease. All utilities, HOA fees, and taxes included in the lease price! Only 30 days notice needed to move out if the month-to-month lease option is chosen. A refundable security deposit of $1200 is required at the beginning of the lease. Call 970-218-7298 or e-mail mgmt@hotelsushi.com for more information. -- The unit is 1000 square feet (20' x 50') -- It has an epoxied concrete floor -- One 14'x14' commercial garage door -- One standard 3' utility door -- In floor radiant heat -- Many 15A commercial 110V plugs in unit -- 1 30amp 220V RV plug -- 110/220V power in unit with many empty breaker spots in case you need any high current or specialty receptacles (ie for welders, etc) -- On site water and RV dump station (near the front gate) -- The property is zoned commercial, so there is no problem running a business there, however there is a secured gate, so anyone entering will need to know your gate code All utilities (electricity, heat), property taxes and HOA dues are paid for. The only bill you are responsible for is the monthly lease. Monthly lease includes includes all of the following (more than a $100/month value): -- In floor radiant heat -- Electricity -- HOA fees (which includes snow removal in the winter) -- On site RV dump station with water

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